The South Australian Government’s proposed marine park zones will impact everyone.

Say NO to the Government’s political parks. Support real, affordable marine conservation.


The South Australian Government’s proposed marine park zones will impact all South Australians. The commercial fishing industry generates close to $2 billion of economic activity for the state. It is the economic mainstay of our regional coastal communities.The proposed marine park zones will devastate many of these already struggling regional economies.

The Sounds Fishy campaign, an initiative of the SA Marine Parks Management Alliance (SAMPMA), highlights the real cost of the planned marine parks to South Australian communities. Help us to get the government to listen to the facts and rethink zoning boundaries.


Know the facts

Australian fisheries are already recognised globally for world-class sustainable seafood production (ranked second out of 53 countries for environmental sustainability). The Government’s plans will close down our sustainable fisheries, increase imports and put more pressure on unsustainable fish resources in Asia.


The real story

"I provide a living for my family from fishing as my father and his father before him also have done in this community [Port Wakefield]. The income from my fishing business is spread throughout the small community... The governments proposed sanctuary-zoning arrangement in marine park 14 will force many fisherman out of work..."

Bart Butson


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Drawing the line